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Wi-Fi in Nagoya University

  • (1) eduroam: Pre-registration at your institution is required.
  • (2) NUWNET guest Wi-Fi: Nagoya University Guest Wi-Fi. Upon request, a guest user ID and password for each participant will be sent by e-mail to those who have registered to attend. If you need to use guest Wi-Fi, please send us an email with the subject line "Request to use GUEST Wi-Fi".

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Online service for Quarantine, Immigration and Customs procedures

Emergency Response (Nagoya City website: Multilingual Interpretation System)

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About Nagoya

  • Nagoya is located almost in the center of Japan and is one of the largest cities with convenient transportation to all parts of Japan. The area surrounding Nagoya is historically important, with important buildings and old streets. In modern times, the city has developed as an industrial area and is an important business center.
  • Visit Nagoya-Nagoya City Guide:


Nagoya Station: Sakae Station:

Food in Nagoya

Nagoya Station: Sakae Station: Temma-cho Station: Yabacho Station: Fushimi Station: Marunouchi Station: Imaike Station: Ozone Station: Nagoya Daigaku Station: Anywhere: